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About The Server

About the server

Jello Nation is a multi server network that supports 1.8 and up. Our developer Kitten helped support us with plugins we needed. The Jello Network would like to thank Kitten and Danial for the support. Danial is an admin for B12 aka is the greatest website provider there is, and i love using there systems. Again thanks for the support. The server holds PvP, Skyblock , RolePlay, and soon much more. The required versions to connect is 1.8 to 1.13.2. We hope you can come and support us.



About Donations


The donations go strait to the server to help improve the quality and speed. As most servers pocket the donations, The Jello Network wishes to improve the quality of the server to allow the community to be able to have the most fun they can. If we recive one dollor it still makes a BIG diffrence to imporve our's and the communitys experince.



Donater $5.00


MPV+ $1.00


VIP $2.00


SkyMaster $3.00


SkyGod $1.00


SkyOverlord $2.00

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Voting Info

Vote Rewards

1 Balance

10 Claim Land

1 LuckyBlocks

1 RareKey

and More!

Vote Links

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Top Rewards

100 Balance

100 RareKey

and More!