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About The Server

About the server

The Jello Nation is a minecraft server that was rebuilt from the ground up. The Jello Nation Team wants to allow players to have a fun time while playing some skyblock with friendly staff members and players. The required versions to connect is 1.8 to 1.13.2. We hope you can come and support us.



About Donations


The donations go strait to the server to help improve the quality and speed. As most servers pocket the donations, The Jello Network wishes to improve the quality of the server to allow the community to be able to have the most fun they can. If we recive one dollor it still makes a BIG diffrence to imporve our's and the communitys experince.



Donater $5.00


MPV+ $1.00


SkyGod $1.00

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Vote Rewards


Vote Key

3 Diamonds

5 XP

and More!

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Top Rewards

1 Mega Key

1 Money Key

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