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Murder Mystery

We wanted to make sure you would enjoy your stay so we created the original Murder Mystery game.




A fun Challenge to test your pure knolidge on the minecraft physics as you try not to fall off a small island. Good Luck :D



About Donations


Below is the Ranks you can purchase for the Server. Please note that any donations that you make ARE refundable and most importantly ALL donations go straight to the server. The donations doesn't go to my pocket or my credit card.



Donater $5.00


MPV+ $1.00


VIP $2.00


SkyMaster $3.00


SkyGod $1.00


SkyOverlord $2.00

Donation Link

Voting Info

Vote Rewards

1000 Balance

10 Claim Land

1 LuckyBlocks

1 RareKey

and More!

Top Rewards

100 Balance

MVP+ Ranks

100 LuckyBlocks

100 RareKey

and More!